January 10, 2014

Writing in the Tub

With all the responsibilities that accompany motherhood, it can be difficult to find time to write.  Okay, sometimes it's next to impossible, like herding cats or going through a day without anyone spilling anything.

Currently, my children allow me to write at home during the afternoon, albeit with multiple interruptions.  I've gotten better at refocusing myself after each "Mom!" to pick up where I left off, but it's a frustratingly slow process.  Why can't they just sit and watch "Super Why" or "Sesame Street"?  Just for an hour or two.  That's all I ask...

When the weather cooperates, no one is sick, and schedules don't conflict, I can escape a couple of evenings a week to my favorite writing spot - a diner down the road where they know me by name (and by my usual order of hot chocolate and a water).  Lately, however, EVERYTHING has been working against being able to do that - stomach bug that keeps making its rounds through my kids, super slick roads, and the holiday rush.  I've become quite the recluse.   

*Side note - it's remarkable how quickly your social skills DIE when you can't leave the house for weeks on end and your conversations center around cartoons and cookies.  I doubt I can string more than two intelligent words together without a keyboard in front of me anymore.

One evening, after failing to write anything for the umpteenth day in a row, I stole away for one of my guilty pleasures - a hot bath in my jetted tub.  I was on edge and desperately needed to relax.  It was inevitable - as soon as I got in, inspiration struck.  Instead of climbing out to attempt to write while EVERYONE was home (a recipe for disaster), I grabbed my iPhone and pulled up my Pages app.  Two completely uninterrupted hours later, I completed a quarter of my revision outline for "Broken Dreams". 


Lesson learned - no more excuses.  I can officially write anywhere.  Even in the tub.

~ Lysandra James ~

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  1. Wow... If I could do that, I might actually write more than half a chapter in each story... I am so jealous. :P Between homework, brothers, and chores, I can't seem to manage enough brain power at the end of the day to write more than three sentences in any of the however many half-started stories I've written.


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