March 28, 2014

"Me Llamo Margo"

My kids go through phases where they only want to watch one movie and they want to watch it all day EVERY DAY.

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I don't blame them.  When "The Little Mermaid" came out on video, I watched it every day for weeks.  To this day, I still have the entire movie memorized.

My boys are currently enthralled with "Despicable Me 2".  Thank goodness it's a good movie.  I've listened to much worse ("The Brave Little Toaster 2" was their previous obsession.  I'm glad that one is over!).  When I have a few minutes, I love to sit and snuggle with my kiddos to watch.

One scene I love is when Margo, Gru's oldest daughter, meets Antonio, a Latino heartthrob, and they're eating cookies in his father's Mexican restaurant, Salsa & Salsa.  Gru confronts them, as any father new to the idea of his daughter dating would do.  Instead of freaking out and being embarrassed, Margo possesses incredible control over what had to be a racing heart, and calmly introduces Antonio to her father.  In Spanish.

"Se llama Antonio.  Me llamo Margo."  (Which translates to, "His name is Antonio.  My name is Margo.")

To which Gru replies, "Me llamo lama ding dong!  Who cares?  Let's go." and tries to drag Margo away.

I admire Margo in that moment.  Not only did she have the presence of mind to keep her calm, she wasn't afraid or embarrassed to speak in a foreign language in front of her crush.

Wow.  As a socially impaired individual, I find that incredible.

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Lesson Learned

When in public, I tend to go with the flow.  I don't always put myself out there and try new things.  At least, not where people can see me.  It takes courage I don't always possess.

But I've noticed something.  When I suck it up and put myself out there, good things tend to happen.  That's how I got involved with the Girl Scouts a few years back, even though I don't have girls and was never involved in the program growing up (unless you count eating the cookies, because I'm all over that!).

At the time, I was working on building a jewelry business.  One of my designs was a beaded flower bracelet simple enough for young girls to make.  I forced myself out of my comfort zone and let people know I was available for birthday parties.  A Girl Scout leader asked if I would be willing to teach the Girl Scouts on one of their campouts.  Even though they couldn't pay me, I agreed.  Despite having no voice due to a cold, I had a blast.  Helping those girls was an experience I'll never forget.

If I hadn't spoken up, put myself out there, I wouldn't have been blessed with that memory.

It's something I need to keep in mind.  I wouldn't mind filling my mind with more good memories.

~ Lysandra James ~

Your Turn

When have you put yourself out there?  What good things have happened to you when you've stretched beyond your comfort zone?

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