March 14, 2014


True Story

This week was my husband's and my fourteenth wedding anniversary.  We celebrated a couple of weeks ago by going to dinner and the shooting range (my choice - I kinda rock that way).

And then life got crazy.

I had been so overwhelmed with everything that has been happening, I nearly forgot about our actual anniversary until my awesome husband came home early on Monday with a dozen red roses in tow.

My gorgeous roses.  :)

This is the guy who had to paint our basement, figure out why the 'check engine' light was on in the car, repair the damper pedal on my piano, work out our internet provider problems, and take over some of our oldest son's chores (who is recovering from surgery) on top of his responsibilities at work and with Boy Scouts.

Yet he made the time to bring me flowers.


Yeah, I'm feeling just a bit spoiled and loved right now.

Lesson Learned

No matter how crazy life gets, make time for the important stuff!  Whether it's family, friends, school, promises you've made, or even some much-needed "me time", shove something aside to make some room.

A little effort goes a long way.  Picking up those flowers probably took my husband all of 15-20 minutes, but seeing them on my table makes me smile every time I see them.  Time well spent.

Just For Writers

I think this one is obvious.  If you want to write, make the time.  Schedule it in.  Don't put it off until life calms down, because it doesn't.  If anything, it just gets crazier.

Your Turn

What have you been putting off until the ideal time?

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