April 19, 2014

To Those Who Sacrifice

Happy Easter!

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There are so many great things about this holiday season - Easter bunny, egg hunts, chocolate candy, jelly beans, games, toys, enjoying the warm weather (finally!).  In all the pastel excitement and sugar-filled goodness, it can be difficult to remember the reason for the holiday - the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of us all.

Now don't go rushing off because I started getting religious here.  I know not all my readers believe and that's okay.

No, today, I'd like to take the time to remember, not only Christ, but all those who sacrifice.  For it is through sacrifice that true love shines brightest.

Remember the mothers and fathers, who sacrifice decades of their time, sleep, and sanity to raise their children.  The smudged windows, broken vases, scribbled walls, spills, toppled furniture, Code Adams, grass stains, and stains that won't ever come out will soon be gone, but their influence the lessons they taught will remain.

Remember the breadwinners, who sacrifice their days to earn money to support their family, often putting their own dreams on hold.  So many work jobs they loathe to provide for those they love.

Remember those who serve in the armed forces, who sacrifice time with their families and, regrettably, sometimes sacrifice their lives to protect our freedom. 

Remember the police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other civil workers who sacrifice their safety to keep us from harm.

Remember the teachers, who sacrifice money and sometimes respect to do a noble duty teaching our children day in and day out, often without fair compensation for their time.  Remember the hours spent working on and off the clock to ensure children, that aren't even their own, receive the education they deserve.

Remember those who sacrifice their time to help those less fortunate - the volunteers and humanitarian workers. 

Most of all, remember God, who sacrificed his Son for our sake.

And Christ, the Lord, who chose to sacrifice Himself, knowing that by doing so, He could save all of mankind.

Sacrifice makes this world a much better place.  A beautiful, wonderful place worth loving and appreciating.

So, to all those who sacrifice - thank you.

You deserve it.

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