May 30, 2014

Chasing Dreams: The Perfect Summer

I'll admit it.  I procrastinated this post.  A lot.

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In my defense, it's the last full week of school for my son, who does online school.  I'm his Learning Coach and it's my responsibility to make sure his lessons are done and he's attending his online classes. I've been slacking in that, too.

Thank goodness my kid is so self-sufficient, he completed all his required lessons on his own.  He's pretty awesome that way.

It doesn't change the fact that I've been as productive as a cat trying to turn while running full speed on a freshly waxed wood floor.

The cat has more energy, though.

I've hit the same wall I hit every year about this time.  Tired, listless, distracted, lethargic, burnt out, lazy.  Definitely lazy.  Between writing, learning coaching, parenting, medical "stuff", and maintaining a household, I'm beat.  I need a break.  Something with less responsibility and more freedom. 

Something like summer.

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Ideally, this is what our summer will look like:

Morning - Up and at 'em with a quick breakfast and everyone dressed by eight. (We're up by seven, so that's not unrealistic).  Chores.  After a bit of outside time - a walk, bike ride, or play in the backyard - I duck into the office and write for 2-3 hours while the boys play.

Afternoon - Lunch followed by an activity of sorts - library, splash pad, "field trip", sprinklers, craft (if I remember), movie, etc.

Evening - Dinner, family time, bed.

Notice I'm not being overly ambitious here.  I've learned my lesson.  Simple works.

At least for a while.

We'll stick to the schedule.  Maybe even for an entire week.  (I know - that's crazy talk.  But it could happen!)  Everyone will be thrilled to get up and get going, knowing what the day has in store. Oatmeal or muffins for breakfast.  Or maybe even breakfast burritos. 

Chores will be a breeze because we're all helping and once they're done, we get to play outside!  Every day!

Then a snack of sliced fruit or vegetable sticks and goof off (or write) until lunchtime.

Lunches will be carefully thought out - a soup, salad, or sandwich (pick two!), a healthy side, and a glass of milk.  Everyone will take care of their own dishes and help clear the table.

Our activities will happen every day.  Even if we don't go somewhere, we'll still do something fun like use sidewalk chalk to decorate the garage door.  Again.  (My husband loves that, even if he doesn't know it.)  Or turn on the sprinkler under the trampoline.  We'll squeeze in another healthy and scrumptious snack.

Dinners will be simple, but delicious.  Again, all will help with cleanup without complaint.  We'll play games or read stories before tidying up and getting ready for bed.

Fast forward a few weeks...

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We'll be lucky to be dressed before noon.  Breakfast is a bowl of cereal (dry), graham crackers, or toast.  The only reason we're even having breakfast is because my boys protest loudly if not fed.

If chores get done, it's because we're expecting company or because we lost someone, er, something in the mess.

I'll shove my children out the door to play outside while I nurse my second hot chocolate of the day (pace yourself, girl!) and psych myself up to run a brush through my hair. 

My writing will be done with screaming children climbing on me while I attempt to type at the kitchen table because it's easier to break up fights when you're in the same room.

Lunch, more often than not, will be chicken nuggets, corn dogs, frozen pizza, or whatever drive thru is closest.  Lazy mom food.  By this time, we'll have had four fights, three bumped heads, two smashed fingers, and someone stealing his brother's toy yet again.

Not to mention a raging headache.

Activities will include "Go outside and play!" and "Don't chase the cat!" along with "Please, just let Mom go to the bathroom alone."  And Netflix.  A LOT of Netflix.

Dinner.  Heaven help me, I'll have to make dinner.  Every night.  Pizza again?  Or how about hot dogs?  Please just eat it.  I don't know what it is.  I just opened three random cans and threw them together.  I call it Mom's Surprise.  It's yummy.  I promise.

When is bedtime?

See.  Completely realistic expectations. 

I can do this!

~ Lysandra

P.S. Happy end of school!

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