May 8, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Hello, all you happy people!  

I know I usually post on Fridays, but I'm going in for surgery today and may not feel up to sending something out tomorrow.

Nothing witty or life changing comes to mind right now, so I'll simply say:


Make sure to pamper the mothers in your life - flowers, candy, breakfast in bed, jewelry, gift certificate to a spa, trip to Hawaii.

Okay, wishful thinking on the last few.  At least I'll be getting my breakfast in bed.  And lots of quiet (recovery) time.  What more could a girl ask for?

~ Lysandra James

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  1. Oh, so THAT'S what I need to do to get breakfast in bed on Mother's Day?? I just gotta have me a surgery, huh? Genius! ;)
    Anyway, i would wish you good luck on your surgery but I doubt you'll need it, ya tough sugar cookie (which is better than just a tough cookie, Cuz it's got extra sweetness from all that extra sugar!)! You're gonna be up n' at 'em in no time, Cuz you'll probably regain your superhuman powers at the speed of light. But I'll fork over some extra high fives of encouragement for just in case.
    Love you!


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