June 13, 2014

For Laughs: Friday the 13th Strikes Again

I'm not superstitious.  Not really.

Granted, I will say things like, "Cross your fingers," and "Don't jinx it!", but it's all in fun.  I don't really believe in that sort of thing.

But this year, Friday the 13th has it out for me.

Not kidding.

First of all, it was sneaky.  It didn't wait until today to strike.  No, I would have seen that coming.

It lurked in the shadows...

And when the family was out to celebrate a birthday dinner Thursday night, it attacked during a freakishly strong wind storm!

The aftermath of a windstorm that lasted a mere fifteen minutes.

That is our trampoline.

Not in our yard.  Over there.  Straddling the neighbors' fence.

See those stairs?  That's where it was.

Once we pulled it off the fence, this is what was left.

The enclosure was shot for sure.

After we pulled a panel out of the fence to get the trampoline into the correct yard, we assessed the damage.

The menfolk replacing the fence panel.  No section of fence was damaged in this sneak attack.

Once my handyman husband rounded up the rest of the pieces and we put it back together, my boys enjoyed their newfound freedom - jumping without a net on a crooked trampoline.

We came out relatively unscathed, but I know your endgame, Friday the 13th.  I see what you did there.  And I'm one step ahead of you.

We've already maxed out our insurance deductible for this year.  No more out-of-pocket medical expenses for us!  Even if one of my boys does fall off and break something, we're covered.  So there, you horrible day, you!

But please, no more.  I think we've had our share of bad luck this year.  It should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Knock on wood...

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  1. At least your boys weren't jumping on it during the windstorm. Of course, they might have thought it was more fun than Disneyland to ride a flying trampoline. Take that Aladdin! All you have is a puny little carpet! Check out our huge flying trampoline!


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