August 8, 2014

Chasing the Simple Dreams

Everyone dreams of something - the perfect job, building a home, growing a family, traveling, etc.  Some dreams will take years to achieve.  Others require the courage to speak up or take action.  Hard work, endurance, ambition...

And then there are the simple dreams.  The ones that put a smile on your face and make life worth living while you're working toward the big stuff.

Here are some of my favorites:

Eating cookies - fresh out of the oven - with a tall glass of cold milk.
We had to test a couple.  To make sure they were good enough to share.  Yeah...that's it.

Doing crazy things with even crazier people.
"Skiing" on the disc behind a four-wheeler.

Finding the perfect novelty gift.
How can anyone turn down bacon soda?
Capturing a breathtaking moment.
My attempt at a panoramic shot of a jet's trail across the sky.
Completing a project.
A beach inspired afghan I recently finished.
Painting toenails in preparation for sandal weather.
My signature color.
Having a clean house...for all of five minutes.
My boys' room.  This actually happened.
Being remembered.
Flowers from my sweet boys...
...and from my husband.
Reading a good book.
Super close-up of my Kindle.  Nice, huh?
And writing...even with a letter 'n' key that keeps falling off.
Thanks to my kiddos.

But most of all, getting loves from my boys.
Being smothered with kisses.

They ganged up on me.

Yes, it's the simple things that give the greatest joy.

And the simple dreams that make the rest worth chasing.

~ Lysandra

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