September 12, 2014

Dragon Slaying 101: Introduction to Dragon Slaying

Today's class will be taught by Melanie Flynn.  Melanie has been slaying dragons from a very young age, often being underestimated because of her 5'0" petite frame.  She may be small, but she is fierce.  
[Lysandra here.  Don't make the mistake of assuming she's harmless. Trust me, that girl can pack a punch.  She was the one who tackled me when they took over my blog.  Boy, does she have bony elbows!]

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What is a Dragon?

Dragons are everywhere.  Their nefarious deeds can be obvious or they can be extremely subtle.  Most people battle dragons daily without even realizing that they're doing it.

To keep it simple - a dragon is anything keeping you from being able to chase your dreams.  Dragons can be huge and seemingly unconquerable like a child battling leukemia or a physical disability.  They can also be difficult to detect and identify like a lack of motivation or an addiction to, let's say, chocolate.  (By the way, that was your downfall, Lysandra.  You may want to work on that or someone may exploit that particular dragon.  Again.  Just sayin'...)

Identifying a Dragon's Influence

Things are going smoothly when all of a sudden, you miss an appointment.  Oops.  Not necessarily a dragon at work.  You could just be having an off day.  Until you miss another appointment.  Or fail to give your child lunch money...for the third day in a row.  Hiccup after hiccup - there's a dragon at work.

Any time something interrupts your life or chasing your dreams, there's a dragon lurking nearby.  He may be careful and quiet - such as the missed appointment.  Or he may be bold and loud - like a medical diagnosis.  Dragons vary their approach depending on the individual.  They are the ultimate chameleons, able to change everything about themselves to get the job done.

Find the Ringleader, Not Just the Minions

Sometimes, the culprit is a single dragon.  However, dragons prefer to work in teams.  You may slay a dragon only to find more ready to take its place.  Take the forgotten appointment, for example.  Slaying that dragon by asking for an appointment reminder to be emailed to you (which many places now offer) may defeat that particular dragon, but what about the missing lunch money?  In this case, the ringleader is Disorganization - a particularly nasty dragon to slay.  He usually leads a whole platoon of mischief-making mini dragons.  Once you defeat him, you'll find you've slain all his minions as well.

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Preparing to Slay

There is no one way to slay a dragon.  Just as each person is different, so is every dragon.  But there are some tools that can help you - no matter the situation.

1.  Knowledge.  Read up on everything you can regarding the dragon you face.  Talk to other slayers who have faced similar dragons.  The more you know, the better prepared you will be.
2.  Support.  While it is possible to slay dragons on your own, having a good support system in place gives you an advantage and can help buoy your spirits when things get rough.
3.  Purpose.  Find your reason to slay the dragon and hold fast to it.  Why do you want to slay it?  Without the why, there is no reason to slay.


Look around in your life.  What is keeping you from achieving your goals and chasing your dreams?  Look for the ringleader.  Is the dragon working on his own or does he have help?  Once you've identified him, assemble your dragon-slaying tools.  You can do this!

[Lysandra here again.  I've identified MY dragons.  And they've taken over my blog!  Maybe I need to take notes...]

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