September 20, 2014

Dream Chasing 101: Finding Your Dream

Today's lesson is taught by Laila Fernando - Dream Chaser and extreme organizer.  One word of caution - don't get on her bad side!

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What is a Dream?

If you don't know what a dream is, you obviously have been hiding under a rock or stuck in the eighties.  Doesn't matter and I don't care.  My job is to make sure you know what you're chasing.  

You know that thing you've wanted for forever?  The one thing that if you could have it, you would be happy for the rest of your life?  Yeah, that's your dream.  At least one of them.  Most people have several.  (I know my dream didn't involve stealing someone else's blog just to be heard.  But when you're a fictional character, what else can you do?)

What if you don't have a dream?  Well, you better be happy and quit complaining.  If you're complaining, it means you have a dream and you're most definitely not living it. 

Finding a Dream to Chase

Some people out there may have trouble finding a dream to chase.  Or they have too many and can't narrow it down.  You can't do everything, people.  At least, not at once.  Geez.  Why do you even try?  It takes focus.  You won't get anything done if you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off - which, by the way, is really creepy.  But we're not even going to go there.  Maybe later.

I know multitasking is big right now.  Talk on the phone while driving and applying your makeup, right?  Get it all done at once so you can get more done.  Ha!  Yeah, right.  All that happens is you get even busier and no closer to your dreams.  And what you do get done is crap.

What you want to do is focus on one, maybe two dreams at a time.  Pick what you want more than anything else.  That one thing you eat, sleep, and breathe.  You want your own place?  A better job?  To find love?  Then make that your focus.  Don't let anything else get in your way.  Get rid of all those things you do to "kill time" because not only are you killing your time, you're killing your dreams.  Wake up, people!  There's only so much time in the day!  Why are you wasting it on things that don't matter?

Oops.  Getting off track.  I do that.  Back to topic...

What if you don't know what you're passionate about?  What kind of question is that?  Did you do your homework from your last Dream Chasing class?  Huh?  Elliot, I mean, Professor Chase told you to find your truth.  Your truth will show you what your dream is.  It will at least point you in the right direction.  

Let's say you love music, but you have no singing talent.  (Take notes, here, Cameron.  No one wants to hear you wailing like a sick duck anymore.)  Obviously, you're not going to make it on American Idol or some other televised popularity contest.  But do you have to know how to sing to play an instrument?  NO.  You could learn the guitar, the piano, or even the drums.  (But don't you dare take up the drums, Cameron, because I will hunt you down and beat you.)  You could also learn how to be a deejay and mix it up for other people to enjoy.

Okay, so you love music, but you also love helping people get better.  You've considered nursing, but it doesn't quite float your boat. Music therapy!  Combines your two loves and BAM!  There's your dream!  Do you see how easy it is?


I'll admit, I hated homework when i went to school, so I'll make this one easy.  Figure out what your dream is.  That's it.  I'm not going to make you write a five-page essay on why it's your dream because that's just stupid.  You know why.  I don't need to know.  Besides, I don't need a bunch of papers cluttering up my desk.  I like it the way it is.  Now get out of here.  I have to relabel the files in my filing cabinet.  The font is bugging me.

[Lysandra here.  No progress in discovering a weakness.  There has to be a way to overthrow these usurpers!]  

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  1. Great post. Chasing dreams often includes a lot of busy-work that can include a deadly third rail called distraction. My earliest dream was to be a forester. I wanted to tend to Bambi and keep the forest healthy for Thumper and Flower. I got right up the the door and knocked, but life interrupted. Marriage, kids, mounting debt and an overabundance of other people who wanted to be a forester.

    My market timing sucked. So, plan B--Law Enforcement.

    That sort of happened, but the opportunity to make more money became a distraction.

    Plan C--Chemical Warfare. OK that's a pretty ominous title, but it paid the bills and I was involved in getting rid of them, not using them.

    Plan D--Retirement. My real dream fell into my lap. I didn't even know it was a dream, but a funny thing happened on the way to the blog--my son challenged me to write a book. Nearly four years later it is finished and has won two awards before it is even published. I'm happy to say, my dream continues.


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