September 5, 2014

Dream Chasing 101: Finding Your Truth

Welcome to your first day of class here at Dream Chasing and Dragon Slaying University!  Today's class is taught by one of our Dream Chasing instructors, Elliot Chase.  Professor Chase is known for his extensive experience in creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking as well as being in touch with his inner true self.  He believes dream chasing begins from within.  (He would also like to point out he had nothing to do with the actual hijacking of this blog.  He doesn't believe in force or denying chocolate (a.k.a. the elixir of life) from anyone.  He sends his apologies to Lysandra and hopes she is recovering nicely.  However, he also wants Lysandra to know she won't be getting her blog back until DSDCU is finished with it.  And even then, it's iffy.)  

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What is your truth?

We all know what truth is.  It's a statement of fact.  It is what is.  At least, that's the simple explanation.  Your truth isn't so black and white.

What do I mean by your truth?  Your truth is what makes you, well, you.  It's not the facade you show to the world.  It's who you really are deep within.

It includes answers to the simple questions like: Are you a cat person?  A dog person?  A thirty-foot python person?  How about beverage choice?  Coke?  Pepsi?  Blackberry Italian Cream Soda with whipped cream and a cherry on top?

Your truth goes beyond your simple likes and dislikes.  Once discovered, it can answer questions like: What makes you smile?  What are you passionate about?  What can't you stand?  Are you introverted?  Extroverted?  Do you prefer curling up with a book or being the center of attention (like a certain Dragon Slaying instructor who shall remain nameless)?

Who are you?

Why should you find your truth?

You're here because you want to learn how to chase your dreams.  But what if you don't know what those dreams are?  Perhaps you know what you want, but only in a vague, general way?  Or maybe you do know exactly what you want, but don't know how to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Your truth is your road map.  Not only can it reveal what your dreams are, but it can help you determine the best path for you to achieve them.

Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom who dreams of having a career and your truth is you don't want your kids in daycare while you chase your dream.  Attending college full-time during the day for degree to get a 9-5 job doesn't fit your truth.  Online classes to get a teaching degree so you're only gone while the kids are in school does.  So does a career that allows you to work from home.  Knowing the full extent of your truth can help you narrow it down even further.

Finding your truth.

If finding your truth was as easy as filling out a questionaire or answering a bunch of questions from one of those incredibly addicting (and slightly annoying) online quizzes, everyone would know their truth.  

Yes, by going through a checklist of likes and dislikes, you can get some answers.  Taking personality tests can help you as well. But the best way to discover your truth is to dig down deep.  Become a detective.  Pay attention.  Keep a notebook with you (actual pen and paper) or by your bed and list things you've discovered about yourself.  What thrills you?  What do you dread?  List your cravings, loves, hates, quirks, pet peeves, deepest desires, etc.

Perhaps you've always believed yourself to be a social butterfly, but you realize your favorite time of day is just before bed when all is quiet and you can wind down.

Or maybe it's the opposite.  The reason you feel bored and restless is because you crave interaction - not just with a computer screen, but with real live people.

It's amazing the truth you can find.  When I was a kid, I believed I was a jock - chase the girls, shoot some hoops, rule the school kind of guy.  I was one of the top dogs - loud, obnoxious, and self-absorbed because that's what was expected of me.

But I wasn't happy.  I wasn't living my truth.

My truth is I love to be alone.  I prefer a quiet run in the early morning.  Loud music isn't my thing.  I enjoy watching theatrical performances and helping those less fortunate.  (Again, so sorry about the whole taking over your blog, Lysandra.  It's truly for the best.)  I also love helping others find their truth and chase their dreams.  By following my truth, I have found peace.

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Take some time to get to know who you are.  Keep a notebook handy and list every true thing you know about yourself.  Start with the simple things - favorite color, favorite food, things that make you most happy.  List it all.  No matter how trivial it seems, it's part of your truth.  Do you love the smell of freshly baked bread?  Or losing yourself in a crowd?  How about warm fuzzy socks?  And what's your opinion on throw pillows?  

[Lysandra here.  They may have stolen my blog, but I will get it back.  I have to admit, this Professor Chase may be onto something, though.  I'll look more into it after I've ousted these hijackers.  They must have a weakness I can exploit...  Crap.  Someone's coming.  I have to go.  I'll keep you informed of my progress.  Now to utilize some of my super secret spy skills to get out of here.  Over and out!]


  1. Thanks for the insight professor!

  2. Oh, Lysandra, I agree that he is definitely onto something! I was somewhat the same as he was, thinking I should be surrounded by people that were actively giving me attention at all times. But now I know better. I like to be surrounded by people, but simply as background noise to them. For example, sitting at a table by myself at a restaurant or the cafeteria at work, just reading a book and paying no attention to anything else. Especially when it is outdoors. Love it. I think it makes me feel secure having others all around, but I don't feel the pressure of having to be social, with forced conversation.

    And just so you know, Lysandra, next time they deny you of chocolate. .... I'll totally hook you up with some from that little shop in Meridian. Be strong! :)


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