August 27, 2015

Rearranging of Things

I love my blog. Seriously love it.

I love sharing what I've found to work for me. I love helping others become better. I love teaching how to chase dreams and slay dragons. This is one of my passions and I love, love, LOVE doing it!

People often ask me what my blog is about. I usually quote my tagline - "Chasing dreams and slaying dragons with a laugh and a laptop." - and follow up by explaining my posts are meant to empower my readers, to help them take charge of their own lives so they can chase their own dreams and slay their dragons. It's also about self-improvement and bettering yourself - something I firmly believe everyone is capable of doing, no matter what the situation.

When I started up blogging again in April, I scheduled my posts in a composition notebook. Each date had a topic and I had enough ideas to last me the rest of the calendar year. It's been such a blessing to not have to sit at a blank screen and wonder what I was going to share this week.

Rearranging of Things -
Have I mentioned I'm addicted to composition notebooks? Because I am.

But something bugged me. Royally bugged me. I couldn't figure out what it was, though. Not until time came for me to write this week's post.

My posts, which are scheduled, weren't in any real order. I plugged them into my posting schedule as I thought of them. As a result, I ended up with a ton of How-to's & Tutorials in a row followed by a few Dream Chasing & Dragon Slaying posts. The next few weeks are supposed to be Food & Drink posts. But then it jumps again. The creative side of my brain does NOT work in a linear fashion and the logical side was going batty!

So I'm taking this week to rearrange my blogging schedule. Every week now has a theme. Not only will my blog be more cohesive, it'll be easier for me to come up with new ideas.

I gave my friend a great analogy earlier today. In my meal plan, each night is assigned a theme. Monday - Mexican, Tuesday - Pasta, and so on. When things (meaning my meal plan) fall apart and my husband asks me what's for dinner, instead of giving him a blank look, I now refer to the day's theme. It's Thursday. Thursdays are Homestyle meals. That means I can make meatloaf, oven-fried chicken, or something along those lines.

Fewer choices means easier decision-making.

Another benefit is the more time-consuming blog posts - ones with lots of photos - are spread out and won't overwhelm my supermom schedule. Just kidding. I'm so not a supermom. I just play one on tv. [insert goofy grin]

Without any further ado, here's a glimpse of the new schedule.

Blog Posts - Still every Thursday!

First Thursday: How-To's & Tutorials

I hope this is self-explanatory. It's the crafts, organizing, DIY kind of stuff. These posts will include ways to save time and money without sacrificing quality of life. If it's something you would look for on Pinterest, it'll be here.

Second Thursday: Faith & Truth

I struggle with speaking about this category, yet I feel it deeply. This is when I'll talk about the more heartfelt matters and universal truths. While I am a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, religion will not be the primary focus. Rather, it will be on developing fundamental values and bettering oneself.

Third Thursday: Food & Drink

Everyone eats. And dinnertime likes to sneak up and bite us on the...uh...yeah. I will feature recipes, but I'll also focus on keeping kitchen time to a minimum and reducing the stress involved with meals in general.

In September, I'm introducing an exciting new series under this topic - Capsule Cooking! I can't wait to share this new way to cook with you. Minimal recipes, endless possibilities!

Fourth Thursday: Dream Chasing & Dragon Slaying

I promised I would bring back Dream Chaser and Dragon Slayer posts. Every month I'll either have a Dream Chaser or Dragon Slayer as a guest blogger or feature someone from history who's known for their dream chasing or dragon slaying. Get those tissues out for these posts! (Note to self: stock up on tissues the next time I'm at Sam's Club. I'm going to need them.)

Fifth Thursday: Words & Writing

As many of you know, I'm not only a blogger, but a writer of fiction. On the rare fifth Thursday of the month, I'll update you on my progress and share some writerly words of wisdom (assuming I know any - ha!). 

Social Media - Now daily posts!

Along with creating a better schedule for my blog posts, I'll now be posting to both Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis. Since all my tweets are automatically posted on my Facebook page, you don't have to follow both. Choose whichever one you're most comfortable using. These mini-posts will be quotes and memes according to the theme of the day and should (hopefully!) mesh well with the upcoming blog post. At least, that's the plan...

Daily social media post schedule:

Sunday - Faith and Family
Monday - Motivational and Self Worth
Tuesday - Tips and Tricks
Wednesday - Wordy Wednesday (favorite words and word-related things)
Thursday - a link to my blog post
Friday - Funny Friday (corny jokes and funny memes)
Saturday - Life is Good (beauty and the good things in life)

Rearranging of Things -
Flowers for my wonderful readers! Wish I could give them to you in person.
I'm beyond excited about these new changes. I can't wait to get started!

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