March 31, 2016

A Letter Scolding Myself (Because I Deserve It)

Dear me,

Today is the day when you promised your readers an update on your dream-chasing. It's also the last day of March - a day when you promised yourself you would be nearly done with Between Shadow and Light. Just a few last-minute tweaks before LDStorymakers in May.

Not only that, but you were going to have the outlines for both The Stolen Ones and The Shadow King completely done and ready to go.

That's not what happened. Not exactly.

Granted, you are done with your first round of beta readers. You have inputted their comments, figured out how to fix the serious problems in your story, and you have started on your query letter and pitch. The outlines are mostly roughed out. You're just not where you're supposed to be.

In your defense, you have been hurting. That stupid neck thing kind of came out of nowhere. Not the neck problems themselves. You've had issues for years. But the fact that you now have limited mobility with your right hand? That was unexpected. And extremely dumb.

I have zero neck curve. So not good.
That leads to bad, bad things later on if we don't take care of it now.
Actually, it's causing bad, bad things now.

See those purple dots in the middle?
They're marking the bones that are supposed to be centered between the bones marked by the other purple dots.
As Handyman Husband says, I'm seriously twisted. (And sore. Don't forget sore!)
But that doesn't excuse your slacking off. If you can play XBox for hours on end in a self-pity-induced daze, you can type -- even if it's just ten minutes at a time.

Oh, yes. I'm calling you out. On your own blog. So there. *sticks out tongue*

Despite dealing with the dumb sore arm thing, you've managed to get ALL the laundry done and keep your kids alive and well. (With help. But that still counts!) You went grocery shopping yesterday by yourself and ran errands this morning with three kids in tow. You've logged way too many hours in Sims 3 Pets and played who-knows-how-many rounds of Phase 10 on your phone against robots who have it out for you. You've also maintained all your social media accounts

Get over yourself. People get hurt. They move past it and still manage to chase their dreams. You can, too. Telling yourself you don't need to write because you hurt is simply telling yourself writing isn't a priority and we both know that's not the truth.

No more binge-playing video games. No more shlumping around in yoga pants and an oversized hoodie lamenting how you can't braid your hair right now (because let's be honest, you NEVER braid your hair). No more sneaking your carefully-hoarded chocolate and eating way too much of it to sooth your bruised ego now that you've been reminded you aren't invincible. Again.

This crap you're dealing with WILL NOT stand in the way of your potential. Nope. Not allowed.

Put on your big girl hat (the really cute one you snagged at Walmart yesterday) and cry, "PLOT TWIST!" Attack this like you would a logic problem. Solve it like it's a mystery. Get your butt in that chair, hands on that keyboard, and type, type, type! Your dreams aren't going to chase themselves!

I so did not mean to do duck lips in this one so we're going to pretend it didn't happen.
 But isn't that hat perfect?! I'm already planning on wearing it to LDStorymakers Conference in May.

Love, me.

P.S. You're almost out of chocolate. You may want to remedy that the next time you're at the store. You know, in case of emergencies.

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