April 21, 2016

Celebrating the Little Things

Over the few weeks I've made it a point to celebrate the little things. It's a must on those days when it feels like nothing will be the same and it's all I can do to get through the day. These mini celebrations have helped to keep my spirits up. Today, for example, my kids were up, ready, and fed a full thirty minutes before we had to leave. Hurray!

Here are a few more:

- I slept on my right side for the first time in years. Until now, it hurt to even lie on my right side. Last night, I was able to sleep on it! Yay!

- My boys and I advanced in rank in Taekwondo this week. I was absolutely exhausted and sore by the time we were done, but I did it! Super yay!

Is this not the most awesome photo? I'm considering trying to sketch it because it is just that good.

- My flowerbeds are nearly done. I ordered a bunch of plants through a couple of mail-order nurseries and all but three have arrived. Those should all be here by Tuesday. I've been watching my baby plants sprout leaves and even flowers since we've planted them. My strawberries alone are amazing! Not only that, but I've been able to plant almost all of my favorite flowers and plants. I just need to snag some lilies and I'm good. I even have a fairy garden in the works. Love it!

My dwarf cherry tree just after it was planted. Mulch is going in this weekend!
- My 6yo doesn't have school tomorrow. That means I have a mostly stress-free morning ahead of me. It also means we may not change out of pj's until noon or later. Sweet!

- I'm halfway through my third revision. This is the last one before I start submitting, so it's kind of a big thing. 

- My toenails are no longer naked. They're properly purple and sandal-worthy.

- Today is warm enough I'm wearing capris. I'm also not wearing socks. AND I'm not cold. Holy smokes!

- My tomato, pepper, and basil plants we started a couple of months ago are looking amazing. They're getting so big!

- We get to plant our vegetable garden in just over a week. In my raised beds. It's the first time my garden is exactly what I've wanted. Corn and peas and lettuce, oh my!

- Two weeks from today I will be on my way to the LDStorymakers Conference. Three full days of writerly aweseomness. SUPER DUPER YAY!!!

- I was able to stretch and reach past my toes. With straight legs. Without pain. Oh, yeah. 

Notice the properly purple toenails. Because that's important.

- I bought a laundry basket on wheels. Now I can do laundry without worrying about wrenching my back lifting baskets. Clean clothes on demand once more!

- I have the most amazing friends. Especially when they trash talk me to motivate me into finishing my revision. (It does work. I'm kind of weird like that.)

- My 6yo ran back to me this morning after I dropped him off for one last hug and kiss. He even insisted I kiss his squishy little cheek (one of my favorite things to do). He never lets me kiss his squishy little cheek anymore. I had to keep from crying happy tears. You know, to maintain my image and all.

- My anti-sharing 4yo is sharing a box of my favorite crackers with me. Voluntarily. He's even feeding me as I type. And it's only one cracker at a time so I can keep up. Whoa.

- I got a selfie with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Admit it. You're jealous.

- Driving down the street to see this:

- Being able to take my 6yo to a Superhero Bingo Night for his school and having him take my picture. AND the photo actually turned out halfway decent.

This is actually a really good photo now that I look at it closer. I may need to use it more often.
Even with all the crap I've been dealing with the last couple of months, my life is pretty darn good. I've been blessed in a million little ways and those little ways add up to one amazing life. Bad back and all.

I just have to remember to celebrate the little things more often.

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