June 9, 2016

The Art of Being Stir Crazy


I am driving myself nuts.

No, seriously. This week has been one crapload of an emotional roller coaster and I just want to get off.

If you've never experienced the joys of a bulging disc, I'm going to let you in on a little secret - it sucks. Everything hurts. Even the parts of you that shouldn't hurt...yeah, those hurt, too. Your back is literally connected to every bit of your body, so if something happens to your back, it affects the rest of you as well.

What's really crazy, though, is standing and walking doesn't hurt nearly as bad as sitting.

Yeah, that was a shocker to me, too.

Sitting is almost as evil as sneezing. If you're wondering how sneezing can be evil, see last week's post. You may have to weed through the meandering drug-induced babble to find my meaning, but once you do, you will wholeheartedly agree.

Sneezing is of the devil.

I can handle this, though. The pain is being managed well enough I only take the loopy meds at night so I can sleep. I started physical therapy yesterday and it's already helping. Handyman Husband and Geek Boy (my oldest kid) have been beyond wonderful in taking care of me. Prognosis is better than originally expected and I'm on the super slow road to recovery. (This is my attempt at humor since when I walk - a.k.a. hobble - snails fly past me honking their horns and giving me rude gestures.) 

In the recovery regard, I'm good. At least I will be. Physically.

As for the rest...


I really did spend an undisclosed amount of time watching people out my bedroom window yesterday.
With a pathetic look on my face much like this one. And no makeup. Don't I look lovely?
For someone who can't sit still for long, all this sitting still is DRIVING ME INSANE. I'm driving Handyman Husband nuts with my rapidly growing "Honey-Do List" based off things I keep seeing on Pinterest.
  • Loft bed for Geek Boy
  • Built-in shelves in our sitting room (this one was, admittedly, his idea, but I'm now obsessing over it)
  • Bunk bed for our younger boys
  • Hobbit-style mailbox for the jasmine in my garden to grow up
  • Sign post pointing the way to Hogwarts, Narnia, The Shire, and more.
  • and the list goes on and on...
Not only that, but I have developed an obsessive love for 3-ring binders and dividers. I've spent HOURS creating and assembling a Goals binder for me and a meal planning binder for the family. There's also a plan for a story ideas binder with different sections for story ideas, character ideas, character name ideas, world building ideas, and more. In fact, I believe that will be either today's or tomorrow's project.

Those are just the beginning. My life will be overrun with 3-ring binders soon.

I'm also beta reading a full-length story for a friend and any short stories anyone throws my way.

And obsessing over puppies. That is, if obsessing means checking Facebook and online classifieds every hour.

It doesn't, does it?

I don't even want a pet.

Except I do.

No! I really don't!


There is one thing I truly regret in all of this. Geek Boy's birthday is this Sunday and because his poor mother is broken, he's not really going to get to celebrate. He insists all he wants is for his best friend to come over and play video games all day. Maybe that's the truth, but what kid chooses to play video games over going to an amusement park? Especially when his parents insist on paying?

The kid who wants to make sure he's home in case I need anything. That's who.

This was a good back day. At least, as good as they get lately.
It was my first opportunity to see Geek Boy at his job at our local amusement park.
(I am SO not old enough for that!)
I am so going to make this up to him. I don't know how, but I will.

Heaven knows I have enough spare time to figure it out.

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