October 5, 2016

Flash Fiction #1 - The Lights Appeared Out of the Darkness

Surprise! Yes, I'm posting on a Wednesday. This may actually become a regular thing, hence the #1 in the post title.

Last Saturday, I went to a book signing for some of my friends and in the process, made a few more. Friends, that is. I also somehow got roped into this group that does flash fiction writing prompts every Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for me to practice getting my point across in as few words as possible since flash fiction is generally really, REALLY short.

This particular group allows just 100 words. Which is crazy.

And I love it.

You can check out the other participants' stories via their links on the WonHundred Word Wednesdays Facebook page here.

Now for the main attraction!

She stepped onto the road, eyes scanning the treeline ahead. Danger lurked everywhere, hidden by the night.

She took another step, senses straining to detect movement.

A gravelly rumble echoed against the mountain’s edge. She froze and turned toward the sound.

The lights appeared out of the darkness.

Time slowed. Her heart pounded, legs trembled.

The lights sped toward her. Every instinct screamed, “Run!”

Her body refused to obey.

The lights swerved, careening off the road. The sounds of screeching metal and snapping limbs filled the air.

Breath returned and she fled, bounding into the trees, safety temporary at best.


  1. Doe. A dear. An evil dear. That is really well described.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you were able to tell who, or rather what, the POV was. It was one of those things that just came to me when I read the prompt. I'm looking forward to next week!


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