October 14, 2016

My Comic Con Adventure

Here is is. The post I know you've been anxiously awaiting - full of mystery, adventure, and...a cat bus?

Yep. A cat bus.

There's a reason I love Comic Con so much. It's an opportunity for people to let their inner geek shine. They can be who they want to be and no one so much as blinks an eye if that happens to be a superhero in spandex wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants.

It's a chance to meet up with the other two dozen Spider-man aficionados in varying degrees of costume quality and bond over their love of all things red, blue, and black.

And for me, it's a great excuse to go hang out with my writer friends I only see at these kinds of things.

I've always wanted to go to a Comic Con. Not a burning life-long desire. More of a "that would be really cool" kind of thing. The San Diego event was never going to happen for me - money, dealing with California traffic, money, time away from family, money...

So when the Salt Lake Comic Con showed up a few years ago, my sister and I decided it would be fun to check it out.

I haven't missed a year since.

This year, I was especially determined to go since my back problems had robbed me of my summer. My wonderful Handyman Husband tried to convince me otherwise, but this was one thing I refused to sacrifice, so he scrounged up a wheelchair for me to use.

I think I'll keep him.

Me, the wheelchair, and a Storm Trooper. Oh, and an Imperial Walker.

Handyman Husband. Not the Storm Trooper.

Although...I wonder if I can get a Storm Trooper outfit in my husband's size...  (HA! He wouldn't wear it. *sigh*)

I'll admit, I do love seeing the cosplay. There were some AMAZING costumes this year. I didn't take nearly enough pictures, though. I never do. My younger boys had a "must photograph" list for me and I'm proud to say I checked every item off the list. Plus some.

Cat bus, Captain America (check!), the Salt Palace, the TARDIS, one of my chauffeurs,
a giant action figure box, and...I don't know who the last guy is. He's pretty cool, though. 
 The Salt Lake Comic Con also features Kid Con - a place for the youngest generations to enjoy their geekiness, too. If the line for face painting hadn't been so long (and I didn't have limited funds allotted to Comic Con spending) I totally would have indulged. I also would have gotten me a balloon animal...something.

"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow up to be."
"Gargoyles don't like to be touched."
...and the TARDIS.
Instead, I opted to use my cash to freak my husband out. Big time.

This photo op may or may not have resulted in a threat to divorce me. Hahahahaha! Like that'll ever happen.

And yes, those are real snakes. There are three of them. No, I was not freaked out at all. It was actually really cool. Such sweet reptile babies.

A good chunk of my time at Comic Con was spent at the Future House Publishing booth. I have several friends published through FHP and they were there for signings and to promote their books. I earned my spot by helping sell a few books. (You're welcome, Jared.)

Jared Garrett (the sign says "I wrote this these"), a freakin' awesome pirate ship I totally would have gotten on if I had felt better, Kevin Nielsen and I chillin' with Han Solo, Charlie Pulsipher and his seriously awesome cardboard art, another one of my chauffeurs (thank you, Josh!), and a steampunk lady who was kind enough to direct me to a wheelchair ramp.

One of my biggest priorities was to find my friends for selfies. Because we're not official without them, you know.

I also met a successful author who had the privilege of hearing me say, "I don't think I've ever heard of you." (So sorry, L.E. Modisett, Jr.! I have now read one of your books and will continue reading your work because I'm now a fan. Next time, we'll selfie.)

L.E. Modisett, Jr. and Julie Wright, me and Julie (we didn't photobomb anyone this time - dang it!), the lovely Shelly Brown, Kevin and his wife - Kaitlynn - with my sister who was cosplaying Lhaurel from Kevin's book Sands

Me and Cindy Bennett, Kevin being...Kevin,
"Lhaurel" killing her creator, Kevin modeling Lhaurel's sword
Thanks to my wonderful chauffeurs, my experience wasn't confined to authorly stuff (although that was, in my opinion, the best part).

I don't know who the people in the top photo are. They were just REALLY cool.
Batman (check!), and R2-D2 (check!)

Miss Piggy and Wonder Woman, Spider-man (check!) and Spider-girl,
the State Puff Marshmallow Man, an assortment of R2 units (quintuple check!)

I really loved the detail on this Jeep. Very cool!
 Besides the signed copies of my friends' books I snagged with the last of my cash, this badge has to be my favorite keepsake.

That's right. I'm official now.
 Overall, it was a fantastic experience. Even with the wheelchair. But I'm looking forward to next year when I can enjoy it without pain.

Who knows? Maybe some more cosplay is in my future.

Who am I kidding? Of course it is!

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