October 10, 2016

The Weekly Word

A brand new feature - weekly updates on my personal dream chasing!

Okay....maybe not that new. I did mention it in my post-surgery update post a couple weeks ago. BUT I didn't decide when I was doing it until last week. Since I'm posting on Fridays and doing the flash fiction prompts on Wednesdays, Mondays seemed like the perfect time to update my goals.

That and Mondays just so happen to be the first day of the week.

Go figure.


So far, I've managed to complete all my goals. With the exception of cleaning up my writing area. That still looks like a tornado hit it. 

To refresh your memory, I committed to reviewing my outline for Between Shadow and Light, set up a writing schedule, give myself a deadline, and knock out a chapter or two. And I did it!

My deadline for this rewrite is January 5, 2017. I'm currently on schedule to reach that deadline. Yay!

Lessons Learned

  1. If my laptop isn't at my desk and ready to go first thing in the morning, I'm less likely to write.
  2. I get the most texts and messages when I sit down to write. It doesn't fail.
  3. Keeping myself accountable by posting my goals really does work. Especially since I fully expect you to nag me when I don't reach my goals. NO EXCUSES!
  4. My writing nook is really cold in the mornings. Time to pile on the sweaters! Brrrr!
  5. Amazing things happen just by talking to people. For example: chatting with the manager of your favorite soda shoppe about authorly stuff can lead to a potential book signing event there for your YA and middle grade author friends. (Yes, that DID happen! More on that as it develops.) 
  6. I like taking weekends off from the writing world so I can focus on my family. It also gives my brain a chance to stew over the story for a couple of days. 

Writing Goals

This week, my goal is to write a chapter a day Monday-Thursday. (Fridays are dedicated to writing my weekly blog post.) I'm aiming for 8,000-10,000 words this week. That should bring my rewrite to a total of 28,000-30,000 words out of a projected 100,000. I get to write the first plot point today. So exciting! 

I also want to get next week's post done and ready to go so I don't have to worry about it during Fall Break when my kids are out of school. Kids home = untimely interruptions. And sloppy kisses, but those are worth it.

That writing area of mine may even get attention this week. Shocking, I know.

Lastly, I'm going to do the flash fiction prompt for Wednesday. I think I love writing those. It's still new to me, but it's kind of fun to do something different. Shake things up a bit.

What about you?

What kinds of goals do you have this week? Anything wild and crazy? Adventurous and daring? Small and simple? 

Let me know so I can cheer you on! We can do this!

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