October 17, 2016

The Weekly Word

Good Monday morning to you! It's an overcast and rainy kind of day here, but the kids are at school and my (incredibly messy) house is quiet. I've got my Andes Mints and a can of Kern's Peach Nectar. Not only that, but my writing area is tidied up and usable.


Yep. It actually happened. I have a functional work space again. Crazy, I know.

This last week has been a learning experience for sure. I have reached my limit of possible commitments for now. A few things need to be cleared out of my schedule before I can take on anything more or my poor head is going to explode.


As I said, my writing nook is cleaned up and looking good...for about five minutes. Handyman Husband is making and installing built-in shelving for me in the next couple of weeks. More storage space, but a big mess to deal with when he's done. But more room for books! 

Totally worth it.

I didn't quite make my word count goal. I'm one chapter shy of where I want to be for today, but I did end up writing an entire new chapter that wasn't in my outline. Lots of good foreshadowing and world building happened in it, so I'm not complaining. I'm not loving my most recent chapters as much as I'd like, but that's what the revision process is for. I can't wait to start editing!

This week's Friday post isn't done yet. But it will be. Even if I'm cramming in on Thursday between endless loads of laundry and other necessary to-do's before the long weekend.

As for the flash fiction post - it happened. And it will continue to happen. I really love doing them. So much so that I will no longer put it in my goals. It'll just happen. *waves hands and post magically appears*

Lessons Learned

  1. I like reviewing my week and talking about what I've learned. :)
  2. Sometimes a girl just needs to take a break and play a favorite computer game for a couple of hours to decompress. There's nothing wrong with that. Not one bit. (If you were wondering, the game is Fate by Wild Tangent. I swear I've played it through at least a dozen times and I've yet to get tired of it.)
  3. I say yes to more things than I thought I did. "It'll only take a few minutes..." "I can do that in no time at all..." "That'll be easy!"
  4. Handyman Husband DOES get cold every once in a while. Whoa...
  5. I have way more projects-in-progress than I thought. It's time to start getting those suckers DONE.
  6. Even my kids can get sick of pizza after a while. Who knew?
  7. Getting back into the writing habit is HARD. Especially with cold hands.

Writing Goals

- At least a chapter a day Mon-Thu this week. Preferably two a day. I'd like to get ahead, if possible.
- All three posts up and running. (Oh, look. I'm a third of the way done with this one. Yay!)
- Outline my short story for the anthology my writing group is doing.

What about you?

No one responded to my call-to-action last week. Let's see if anyone is brave enough to do so today. That's right. I just called you out.

What are your writing goals this week?

Other goals? How are you chasing your dreams? Slaying your dragons?

I dare you to post it. Commit. Be brave. 

I believe in you!


  1. Goals
    1) Finish this round of Mythica edits
    2) Film Mythica Kickstarter Video
    3) Turn in Shrodinger's Prodigy to LDS Beta Readers
    4) Attempt to sleep more that 2 hours tonight

    1. Good luck on that last one. Seriously. Good luck.


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