October 24, 2016

The Weekly Word

After a wonderful weekend with my grandma and sisters (and their spouses and kids), I am so not ready for the craziness that is this week. There's something scheduled for every single day - most days have two or three "must-do's".

*deep breath*

I can do this.


I'd love to tell you I accomplished all my goals from last week....but I didn't. I did get close-ish on the writing one. Kinda. Sorta.

Okay, I didn't. 

I don't have any excuses, either. Except that I've overbooked myself and I simply don't have enough time/energy to get it all done. Yet.

I'm getting stronger and my stamina increases each week. I just have to stop overestimating my capabilities and we'll be good, right?


Lessons Learned

  1. When I get a hotel room all to myself because my sister steals my kids away for a cousins' sleepover at her house, I'll promise to get some writing done and then binge read whatever is on hand instead. (Bad girl!)
  2. A 4-1/2 hour drive stretches to 6-1/2 hours when your kids force you to stop THREE TIMES instead of just once.
  3. Book signings are fun to plan once you figure out what you're doing.
  4. When I'm overbooked, I struggle to write even when I carve out the time to do so. My mind can't stay focused until I complete other tasks or clean something. Or reorganize a closet. 
  5. I'm properly motivated when something is on the line - even if it's as simple as a soda. Gotta get those words written!

Writing Goals

- Last Wednesday, I committed to writing a total of 5 chapters by Wednesday morning or I owe my friend a drink from my favorite soda shoppe. Never mind that I have a full punch card and the drink is free. That free drink is mine! Along with the cookie that comes with it. Just 3-1/2 chapters to go...
- Bloggy stuff.
- BOOK SIGNING! I've coordinated and organized a local book signing at my favorite soda shoppe. It's this Friday and I'm beyond excited about it. This week is all about getting the word out so we can have a huge turnout. Three of my Dream Chasers will be there signing books - Juli Caldwell, Kevin L. Nielsen, and Alyson Peterson. So if you're in the Syracuse, Utah area this weekend, stop by Fiiz and say hi. And buy a book or two. And a drink. And stay for the drawing. 

What about you?

Last week, my friend Kevin posted his goals. (I want to see your progress in the comments, Kevin. Although I'm pretty sure that sleep one didn't happen.) He gets a shiny imaginary gold star for doing so. Way to go!

Who else is brave enough to commit in writing? Come on, I wanna cheer you on!

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