November 16, 2016

Flash Fiction - The truth is I'm worth nothing to her alive

Prompt: The truth is I'm worth nothing to her alive.

I slowly come to my senses and become aware of a hand stroking mine. My heart leaps.

She’s been here every day, holding my hand and speaking encouraging words as if she knows I can hear her.

I want to leap from my bed, hold her close. I want to tell her once again how much I love her.

The doctors have suggested removing life support, but she refuses to consider it. I can’t help but think how the life insurance would help her. Help our children.

But she won’t let me die.

I don’t deserve her.

I never did.

*Flash Fiction is fiction under a thousand words. I participate in a weekly prompt that's limited to a mere one hundred words. That's crazy short. You can check out the other participants' stories via their links on the WonHundred Word Wednesdays Facebook page here.*

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