November 25, 2016


Serendipity, simply put, is a happy accident.

Running into a friend at the mall who happens to know of the perfect place to host a family reunion that's within budget and has all the amenities you could ever want...that's serendipity.

Stumbling upon a yard sale where you are able to score two entire book series that you've been wanting to get for a very long time and only having to pay a dollar per book (or less!)...that's also serendipity.

Having someone offer to become a volunteer in a needed position at your kids' school just as another volunteer informs you they can no longer help, finding the perfect Christmas gift and then discovering it's 80% off, finding that long overdue library book just as you're ready to pay to replace it...

Serendipitous events happen on a daily basis. You just have to learn to recognize them when they come. Then count them in your blessings.

For gratitude is one of the greatest dragon-slaying tools you'll ever find.

I believe in serendipity. I celebrate it, treasure it, and applaud it.

Do you?

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