November 28, 2016

The Weekly Word

I haven't gotten much done this week. Not only was it Thanksgiving weekend, but I ended up in urgent care only to find out I have shingles. You know, the nasty painful rash thing that you get if you've had chicken pox when you were a kid?

Yeah. That shingles.

Turns out I had a lot going against me in that regard. Shingles usually rears its angry head in a body with a weakened immune system. Spinal surgery and a prolonged period of stress can do that to a person. Double whammy for me. Hooray.

So I'm down and out of commission for the next week or two. Or longer. Depending on how quickly I recover. The doctor has me on an antiviral (the pill is ridiculously huge - seriously, a horse would have problems swallowing that thing), a steroid, and an anti-inflammatory to manage the pain and stop the virus from progressing further.

Between the pain, itching, discomfort, and the funky side effects that make it hard for me to see straight, writing and working on the computer is interesting. Half the time, the words seem to float across the page. Crazy.

Yet kind of fun. In a weird sort of way.


Nope. I did NOT make any of my goals this week. I got one chapter in. Possibly two. I can't remember and I didn't write it down. This week has been somewhat of a blur.

Lessons Learned

  1. I can put together the most amazing and perfect writing schedule and life will throw the funkiest roadblocks in my way. Flexibility is crazy important.
  2. Shingles are dumb. Really, REALLY dumb.
  3. I have an amazing support system. All I had to do was put the call out and suddenly all my obligations for this week have been covered so I can rest. I'm truly blessed.

What's Next?

- Rest and recover. I've got to kick this stupid virus in I can get back to feeling good again!

- Attempt a chapter a day. That won't get me back on schedule, nor will it keep me from falling further behind, but it'll help. I really hope to get more than that done, but it'll depend on how I'm feeling. 

- Contact my Dream Chasers. I won't have a December Dream Chaser, but I'll get back on schedule for it starting in January. New Year's Resolution and all.

My Challenge for You

Don't get sick.

Just kidding. Last week I challenged you to find your "why". How did that go? Do you know why you're chasing your dream? Did you discover what motivates you to keep going?

This week, I want you to set a long-term goal that will help you in achieving your dream. For example, my long-term goal is to submit Between Shadow and Light to agents by my birthday in June.

Chase those dreams, people! I believe in you!

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