December 21, 2016

Flash Fiction - There was something strange about the window

Prompt: There was something strange about the window.

The window pane shimmered and danced as I walked toward it, my reflection wavering and writhing. Outside, fluffy falling snowflakes punctuated the darkness, making the warm firelight feel even cozier and welcoming.

Despite the alluring scents of cocoa and cookies, something drew me to the window. Something ominous and foreboding.

I pressed my hand against the frigid glass and shivered as the cold seeped into my palm. The window was firm. Unmoving. Yet my reflection continued to wobble.


I looked down at my hand and gasped.

There was nothing wrong with the window.

There was something wrong with me.

*Flash Fiction is fiction under a thousand words. I participate in a weekly prompt that's limited to a mere one hundred words. That's crazy short. You can check out the other participants' stories via their links on the WonHundred Word Wednesdays Facebook page here.*

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