December 5, 2016

The Weekly Word

The best thing about being a “project monger” – as someone once called me – is that I can throw myself into a task wholeheartedly and block almost everything else out. It also happens to be the worst thing since my entire focus is on that project.

This last week, I’ve been struggling both physically and emotionally. Coming down with shingles was especially disheartening since I had just gotten to the point where I was feeling amazing and myself again. It was as if I had gotten a glimpse of a pain-free life only to have it snatched away from me once again.

As of today, the rash is fading fast, but the pain remains. According to everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked to, the pain will take at least a week or more to subside.

Oh, joy.

But I’m determined. I refuse to let this get me down for long. The past week, I threw myself into creating a planner/brag book for each of my parents and a new planner for me. While I didn’t get any writing done, I needed something to obsess over to distract me from feeling miserable and throwing a week-long pity party.


As I stated above, I didn’t get any writing done. My unexpected hiatus has now put me a solid week and a half behind schedule. So instead of finishing up the rewrite this Friday, that won’t happen until sometime next week.

I hope.

Lessons Learned

  1. Shingles suck. (Wasn’t that the lesson I learned last week, too? Because it’s really, REALLY true.)
  2.  I should start making planners for a living. Just kidding. But I will continue to make my own because I really love the one I did last week and I can’t wait to start using it.
  3.  A week without writing makes me incredibly antsy. I start feeling lost and listless.
  4.  I love my support system. They’re simply amazing. But that’s something I already knew. (Thanks for nagging me, guys. I know I need it and you’re great at doing it.)

This Week’s Dream Chasing

  •        I’ve reworked my writing schedule. Instead of finishing this Friday as originally scheduled (*sob*), I’ll be finishing next week. Probably Wednesday. Unless I get really ambitious and work evenings as well. So…two chapters a day. Maybe more.  

  • Continue to heal up. And not get sick or something. (Side note – Handyman Husband, who thinks he’s hilarious, sent me a picture of a list of vaccines Sam’s Club offers. Shingles was the top of the list. He told me to choose which of the others would hit me next since that’s just how my luck works. Yeah…NOT HAPPENING!!!)

My Challenge for You

You’ve found your “why” and you’ve set a goal to achieve, right? This week, I want you to break up that goal into smaller chunks. Kind of like a step-by-step guide to reaching that goal.

For example:

My goal is to get Between Shadow and Light published. In order to make that happen, a few things need to happen.

-          Finish my rewrite.
-          Revise for consistency errors and developmental…stuff.
-          Send it out to betas.
-          Revise based off their comments.
-          Send it out to other betas.
-          Revise once more.
-          One more readthrough and revision.
-          Research agents/publishers.
-          Write a query and synopsis based on research.
-          Submit to five agents/publishers.
-          As agents/publishers respond with rejections (if any J), send out to more agents/publishers.

-          Work on something new!

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