January 20, 2017


There's a place I go where they smile when I walk through the door and know my favorite drink and cookie without me having to say a thing. They listen to my ramblings and encourage me in my dreams. I always feel welcome and wanted.

I love how quiet the lobby is in the mornings.

It's a soda shop called Fiiz. And it's a small piece of heaven here in my small town.

Today, I wasn't planning on going. I've been trying to be good and limit my soda intake and stay on budget and all sorts of things. Instead, I was going to Walmart to buy socks for my 15yo who wears holes in his socks big enough to turn them into leg warmers.

Dirty, ratty leg warmers.


Anyway, I must have been distracted when I got out of the car because as I closed my car door, I realized I didn't have my keys in hand. Nor were they in my purse. Or my coat pocket.

Surely, I thought, I didn't lock them in my car. No. I haven't done that in close to fifteen years.

I so did.

As I stared through the car windows in disbelief, trying each door again and again, I was at a complete loss as to what to do. Fortunately, Handyman Husband was able to come to my rescue (he's absolutely my hero...*twitterpated sigh*). But since he was at work, it would take a while.

My plans for the morning were completely shot (which is why my blog post is late going up today). So, package of brand new men's socks in hand and still in shock, I trudged across the parking lot to my haven. My retreat.


One of my friends there, who always has a smile for me, greeted me. Before I could get out my order, the tears started. I didn't even know they were there. It's like they snuck up on me and smacked me in the face. My friend grabbed a box of tissues and patiently waited for me to compose myself.

My dear sweet friends at Fiiz took very good care of me this morning. Once I dried my eyes and paid for my drink, they somehow got me to smile. Then laugh. By the time I left, my day was brighter and I felt, once again, that I could take on the world.

It's funny how something like locking my keys in my car can turn out to be a blessing. I think, deep down, I truly needed that pause in my routine. I needed that time with no real obligations or places to be where I could simply be. And I needed a small reminder that I matter.

Despite all that, you know I'm going to quadruple check that I've got my keys in hand from now on.

After all, I've got dreams to chase and dragons to slay and I don't need to throw additional obstacles in my way.

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