January 11, 2017

Flash Fiction - I'm sorry if it upsets you, but I'm marrying her.

Prompt: I'm sorry if it upsets you, but I'm marrying her.

I looked into the eyes of the woman I had married so many years ago, watching for the pain that would appear when I told her my intention.

“I’m sorry if it upsets you, but I’m marrying her,” I said softly, gesturing to the object of my desire.

Her nose scrunched like it always does when she’s confused, but as she looked to where I directed, enlightenment crossed her expression. It quickly shifted into disgust.  She threw one of the dishrags she had been folding at my head.

“Whatever, dork. Do what you want. It’s just a stupid video game.”

*Flash Fiction is fiction under a thousand words. I participate in a weekly prompt that's limited to a mere one hundred words. That's crazy short. You can check out the other participants' stories via their links on the WonHundred Word Wednesdays Facebook page here.*


  1. I love it. The twist at the end made me laugh.

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