January 23, 2017

Weekly Word

We've had a lot of snow lately and I find myself staring out the window just watching it fall instead of doing more productive things like write and do laundry. I'm also getting both stir crazy and lazy at the same time like I can't sit still, but I can't motivate myself to actually get something done. It's a disconcerting feeling.

However, I did make progress on my goals, so that's something, right?

Getting Healthy

Last week's goal: Exercise at least five days a week. Success!!! I did exercise for at least five days and it felt so, so good. Until I overdid it and spent most of Saturday lying in bed with sore back muscles and cursing myself. 

New goal: Exercise at least five days this week WITHOUT overdoing it. Yoga every day and the elliptical three days. Although the Couch to 5k program is too intense for me (and part of the reason I was forced to relax on Saturday). So I'll be playing around with simply maintaining a constant speed for a certain period of time and then gradually increasing that speed/difficulty.

Last week's goal: Drink more water. I think I did better. Maybe? I didn't end up tracking it like I thought I would. This goal may be shelved for a bit while I focus on others.

Getting Organized

Last week's goal: Use my planner every day. Yep.  Or actually...nope. I did okay until Friday when I locked myself out of my car in the Walmart parking lot. That kinda put me in a funk that I'm just now emerging from. 

New goal: Try, try again. One of these days, it's going to sink in and I will use my planner every single day. It will happen.

Last week's goal: Set up a system for paperwork. Ummm...next question?

Getting Published

Last week's and New goal: Write every day. Butt in chair, hands on keyboard every day at 9 am (except Wednesdays). And again at 12:30 pm (except Fridays). I didn't do so well last week, but this is a new week and I can try again!

My Challenge for You

Just keep moving forward. That's it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sick little boy I need to snuggle. I do have things to do, but my kiddo comes first. :)

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