January 30, 2017

Weekly Word

Surprise, surprise...I'm sick again.

I keep thinking I'm on the tail end of it, but this cold keeps coming back for more. The poor air quality caused by the inversion here probably isn't helping matters. Needless to say, most of my goals were set aside to allow myself time to recover. I'm probably not going to make much progress this week, either, but I'm sure going to try.

Getting Healthy

Last week's goal: Exercise at least five days this week WITHOUT overdoing it. Didn't happen. Mere laughing or talking sets me off coughing right now and downward dog and child's pose stuff me up to the point where I can't breathe.

This week's goal: Start doing yoga again. I'm keeping it even simpler this week. Just focusing on yoga. And getting over this stupid cold. I think I'm doing something right, though. Everyone else seems to have gotten this cold worse than I have. Even though it's knocked me for a loop, I think I'm recovering more quickly than my boys. Maybe my immune system is finally recovering from the massive beating it's had the past few months? Maybe?

Getting Organized

Last week's goal: Use my planner every day. I used it once. The rest of the week, I tried to rely on my sketchy germ-impaired brain power to keep things straight. Meaning I locked myself out of the car again, missed at least two appointments/events, forgot to do blog posts and make meals, and I'm sure I'm still forgetting a commitment I made. A semi-important one. For the life of me, I can't remember what it is, though.

New goal: Use my planner every day. Yep. Let's try this one again. And again. Until it sticks. I did it this morning. Yay me!

Getting Published

Last week's and New goal: Write every day. Butt in chair, hands on keyboard every day at 9 am (except Wednesdays). And again at 12:30 pm (except Fridays). Another goal I'm going to stick with until it sticks. I succeeded today. At least the 9 am one. Hooray!

My Challenge for You

Honestly, my only challenge for you this week is to not get sick. Just don't do it. Being sick is dumb. Quarantine yourself, run away to the beach, wear a mask and slather on the hand sanitizer... Just don't get sick. The end.

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