March 16, 2018

The Update Thing

It's been a while since I've done an actual update on what's going on, so I figured today was as good as any.

Lysandra James

As many of you know, this is my pen name for anything I write and will eventually publish. I get asked why I use a pen name a lot, so I'll let you in on the secret here:

It's easier to pronounce than my real last name. And it helps keep my writing life separate from my personal life. And I really, really love the name. I stole it from a character from one of my short stories I wrote forever ago and I'm not giving it back. 

Tangent over. Back to updates.

My WIP (work in progress) - The 13th Curse - stalled for a bit. Then didn't. Then did again. I now have a brand new critique and accountability partner who has been given permission to nag me and keep me on track. He's had fantastic advice to help improve my story and I'm excited to get back to work on it. 

I'm still working out scheduling to fit everything in and prioritizing my responsibilities and commitments so I don't get overwhelmed and burnt out, but I think I'm getting close to figuring it all out. Hooray!

The plan is to submit it to publishers and such by my birthday in June. I can do this!

The Novel Thing

This is the editing part of my life. I even have a fancy website for it that has been under construction for months because I just haven't finished getting all my info on it. That's on my to-do list along with a hundred other things. But my to-do list is actually shrinking so it will happen soon. Ish.

I announced a few months back that I'm an editor for Immortal Works. It's been beyond awesome and I LOVE the authors I've been working with. The first book I edited for  -  Cheat Code by Aften Brook Szymanski  - will be released on April 10th. Preorders are available now. Check it out. It's freakin' amazing.

This past month, I picked up another wonderful client - a designer dog website. It's still under construction, but once it's ready, I'll share that link for you, too. Reading all these great articles about puppies and dogs and fluffy things is tugging on my heartstrings and there is going to be a day when a puppy will mysteriously appear in our house for me to love on and snuggle and talk babytalk to and post tons of pictures of and...and...

....don't tell Handyman Husband. It'll be our little secret. :) 

I still do freelance editing and a bit of selective beta reading on the side. Schedule permitting, of course. 


I would be completely remiss in my duties as Registration Coordinator if I didn't include Fyrecon in all this. 

Fyrecon is a three-day sci-fi/fantasy conference geared toward writers and artists. We also have a tabletop gaming track this year. My 16yo Geek Child is super excited about that. There will be hands-on workshops and classes and a vendor room and so much more!

The conference will be held June 21-23 at Weber State - Davis Campus in Layton, Utah. We've got a fantastic lineup of guests and classes. I've gotten a sneak peek behind the scenes and it's going to be even better than last year, which is really saying something. I can't wait!

The best part is that I'm running the front desk. Can't get much cooler than that, right? 

Home Life

After dealing with sickness and sickness and sickness, I'm finally feeling mostly healthy and totally kicking butt and getting my house in order. I can't focus if my surroundings are chaotic. My mostly clean house makes me so dang happy.

Almost as happy as my brand new, super fancy, awesome lumbar support office chair.

It smells like a new car.

And swivels. 

And has adjustable arm rests.

And is squishy and comfy and absolutely perfect.

*long contented sigh*

Kids are doing well in school. No one is sick (knock on wood, cross fingers and eyes, toss salt over a shoulder). Laundry is actually caught up. So are dishes.

Other than a few small snafus that crop up, life is finally behaving itself. For the time being. 

Now to quit procrastinating with this blog post and get back to work chipping away at my to-do list. Maybe, if I'm a really good girl, I can get to the end of it without adding more things.


I'm hilarious.

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