Current Projects

So you want to know how I'm doing with my dream chasing, huh? I'm more than happy to share!

Here's a list of my current projects and the progress I've made on each. I'll update this page regularly.

I'm currently working on two series - Corners and True Dreamers. Both are YA urban fantasy. If I stick to my current schedule, the surrent revision of Between Shadow and Light should be complete by January 5, 2017.


(I started Corners while we were building our house. I was on a writing hiatus and had set True Dreamers aside until we were moved in. But the writing bug bit and I found myself desperate to put words to paper. So I wrote about an archway I swore I saw out the the corner of my eye. It was on the wall of my in-laws' house, but it disappeared when I looked toward it. That bit of freewriting turned into a chapter, then a full-blown outline, and finally the first book of a four-book series.) 

Book 1: Between Shadow and Light - Rewrite: 25% complete
Book 2: Shadow Revealed - Outlined
Book 3: Stolen Light - Outlined
Book 4: [Title to be determined] - Outlined 

True Dreamers

(Yes, this one is out of order. I finished the first draft of Broken Dreams only to realize it needed to be the final book of a three-book series. So now I have to go back and write the rest. My sister will kill me if I don't. Especially since she's now hooked on the series. Heh, heh, heh...)

Book 1: Fall of Dreams - First draft 25% complete (on hold until after the Corners series is done)
Book 2: War of Dreams - Outline complete
Book 3: Broken Dreams - First draft complete

Between Shadow and Light

As a Between, sixteen-year-old Eric Platt maintains the borders between the realms of Shadow and Light. Armed with a hand-me-down machete and the power to compel Shadow creatures to do his bidding, Platt is tasked to return the dangerous creatures back to the Shadow where they belong. However, Platt's power of compulsion is weakening and he must find a replacement before it fails him completely – leaving him vulnerable to creatures with teeth sharper than knives and blood that burns.

Shyam - vicious creatures supposedly imprisoned in Deep Shadow - attack Platt during his recruiting mission, forcing him to search for answers. As Platt seeks to meet with the head honchos who think they run everything under both suns, he’s detoured by a mysterious force seemingly intent on sabotaging his every move. When the rest of the Betweens are killed by shyam, it's up to Platt to defeat the creatures and return them to Deep Shadow. 

Platt’s compulsion weakens further, compromising his ability to fight even the weakest Shadow creatures. As his soul grows increasingly darker, Platt must keep the shyam from wreaking havoc in both realms as well as discover and overcome the force behind them. Defeating the monsters and saving two worlds shouldn’t be all that hard – he just has to figure out how to restore his ability to compel or die trying.


  1. Look at you go! The "Current Projects" page is my favorite section on writer's blogs/pages. I'm excited to see these in print one day soon!

  2. "My sister will kill me if I don't." True.
    "Especially since she's now hooked on the series." Sigh. Also True.


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